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Bumpy Ride? 5 Culprits Auto Repair Experts Say to Consider 

No matter if you drive a sleek sports car or a classic truck, your drive should be smooth and comfortable. According to our expert mechanics, excessive rumbling, bouncing, or swaying could signify a mechanical issue — and a need for auto repair.

5 Reasons Why Your Car Isn’t Running Smoothly

1.     Tires

Here’s a bit of auto troubleshooting you can do on your own. If your car isn’t driving properly, check your tires. You could have low air pressure or debris stuck in one of the wheels. Both issues are simple fixes. However, if addressing them doesn’t stop the roughness, you should visit a professional auto repair shop.   

2.     Transmission

 “Transmission problems” are two words that no car owner wants to hear. Repairs to this machine can be both extensive and costly. So, if you’re experiencing bumpiness, it’s essential you call an auto mechanic as soon as possible.  

Over time, your transmission’s gear teeth can be stripped, chipped, and ground away. This deterioration can cause your vehicle to slip out of gear. Depleted or dirty transmission fluid can also make for a bumpy ride.  

3.     Suspension

Your suspension not only connects your tires to your vehicle but also acts as a shock absorber. So if you start experiencing excessive bouncing or harsh impacts whenever you drive over bumps, this structure might be to blame. 

4.     Brakes

When driving, do you feel excessive vibrations or hear a squealing sound every time you decelerate? Both occurrences point to brake issues. Thankfully, brake repair is generally quick and inexpensive; you often only need to replace the brake pads. But don’t let that fact deter you from visiting an auto repair center right away.     

5.     Axle

If you’re experiencing bumpiness after a car accident, you may have damaged your vehicle’s axle on impact. The axle spins to move your vehicle’s wheels, so any dents or bends in the structure can cause improper rotation.

Listen to your vehicle — if something seems out of the ordinary, don’t let it go unchecked. Postponing maintenance not only poses a safety risk but also yields more complex, costly repairs. Bring your car or truck to our auto repair shop for servicing right away! 


Most car owners already know that auto maintenance is an important part of vehicle care. Simple tasks, such as changing the oil when necessary and filling the tires with air, can increase your vehicle’s longevity, saving you money in the long run. However, there are quite a few maintenance myths that can put unnecessary strain on your wallet. The following guide explains the truth behind these misguided beliefs.

Debunking Myths About Auto Maintenance

1. 3,000-Mile Oil Changes

Many people believe that a vehicle’s oil should automatically be changed every 3,000 miles or three months—whichever comes first. While regular oil changes are vital, you should always check your driver’s manual first. There, you will find recommendations based on your car’s specifications. Keep in mind, however, that the 3,000-mile rule may still be best if you tow trailers frequently or drive in dusty areas.

2. Pressure Rating on Tire Sidewall

When filling up the tires with air, some people inflate them to the pressure shown on the tire’s sidewall. However, this number indicates the maximum pressure the tire can hold. The level that’s recommended for your vehicle will be on a sticker, usually in the driver’s side doorjamb or the glove compartment. This recommended pressure is given by the manufacturer and takes into consideration multiple factors, including gas mileage, handling, and braking.

3. Premium Fuel Is Better

Many people believe that premium fuel will be better for their car’s performance. This mistaken belief can drive up your gas bill and put a dent in your wallet. While higher-octane fuels are important for preventing pre-ignition problems in high-compression engines, it won’t affect the performance of standard vehicles. This means you would be spending extra money for no reason.

When your vehicle requires auto maintenance, bring it to Tariffville Auto Sales & Repairs. Based in Harford County, CT, our team of auto mechanics is dedicated to providing quality service at an affordable rate. Whether you need engine rebuilding or routine maintenance, we can handle it all. To schedule an appointment or request an estimate, call (860) 325-5977 today.